Penang Bird Park

This Penang bird Park Located at Seberang Jaya just close to Sunway carnival that mean it in the center of the town unlike some Park that build so far away from town. Beside the Park is a river and there is a store selling the great cendol.

Time Out says

“Both the first and largest bird park in Malaysia, Penang Bird Park is home to more than 300 species of aviary from all over the world. From giant aviaries to geodomes simulating natural habitats, the well-maintained facilities house a diverse selection of plants, reptiles and mammals in addition to some 3,000 birds.”

Entrance of Penang Bird Park

I still remember the first time I bring my kid there, it was quite amazed me that The Bird Park actually bigger then i thought.

Latest Ticket Price from ernyfirdaus.blogspot.com
Entrance of Penang Bird Park, you can buy Ticket and souvenir here.

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  2. Sunway Hotel Seberang Jaya 0.3km
  3. OYO 708 S Hotel 0.2km Penang
  4. Safira Ciuntry Club 0.2km
  5. The Blanket Hotel 0.3km
  6. E-Red Hotel 0.3km
  7. D Cozy Hotel
  8. Pearl View Hotel 1.4km
  9. Ixora Hotel 1.4km
  10. BP Hotel 1km